Never Perfect

Friday, 12 February 2016 | 0 comment(s)

It already two years. 
could you believe that ? hahaha im not happy. 
its hurt when you acting that nothing happen. 
just laugh, continues your days like always. 
its hurt me too much. 

Its okay if you dont want to reply all text that i was sent to you
I still cant forget you sayang. sorry 😢
I miss how we started talking. how u first time tell me u loved me. 
How you're hugging me and kissing my forehead. 
Sometime i've to know. there's some people in this world who can just love And love and love. no matters wht. without the loveback. 
But then im screaming and no one can hear. Its like im holding this pain alone. 
And i was the one who choose to go. 
I cant bear all this. Youre didnt love with me anymore. 
Im sorry that im tied you wth my stupid love. 
I might seem strong but im not. i break 💔
Its really painful to say goodbye to someone u dont to let go. 
U dont love me but i dont blame you bcs i didnt love me too hm
People changes right. Same goes to ure love. Its changes the way to other people that perfect in ure eyes. 

Thankyou sayang. 
You changed me alot. And now i force myself to accept the reality that youre not mine. 
Thankyou for everything that you do to me. im really appreciate it huh. 
Iloveyou for sevenhundredandtwentyday baby and still counting. 💕😞😂

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